Apr 24, 2017


I'm the one who are really love  online shopping because it was the easiest way to avoid from traffic jam, get a line for pay my thing and my fuel going to be save too ! Setakat ni aku tak pernah lagi hadap  dengan scammer. If barang lambat sampai pun, the seller going to inform me early dan cakap sorry banyak kali. Aku tak pernah kisah pun kalau bab tu since tak kalut or nak pakai last minit.. no hal .. sebab aku jenis, kalau kenduri bulan depan, awal sebulan aku dah beli miahahahaha.

Apr 23, 2017

When He Left Me Forever....

Apr 7, 2017

How to Use Google Font?


Hai guys. Today my tutorial will head to how to use google font. This is basic learning to new blogger who just sign up the blogger.com. It will help you customize new font and you can find your favorite one. so here, step by step tutorial. Hope you will like it !!