May 12, 2015

Sebab Rindu


3 semester included Pre-diploma. We in same course also in same college but in this same we in same room. It most the happiest moment when I got same college but different room with my girls but it change when they moved to my room. hihi. Thanks for this sem cause you guys sacrifice for me a lot. Teach me how to show love, teach me be more strong and teach me how to laugh. You guys made my day with jokes and accompany me in my room when first day we registered college in semester 2. Haish, that time we're not officially roomates right since i do not have a roomate and you guy rather up down stairs, pick up your things and bring down your cloth until we're officially be a roomates. For Amira (red shawl) even we different course, you always be my friend. Yes, our first meet happened when we in same class for pre-diploma include all. But we not closed like this. ahaha, abaikan cerita masa pra.

I miss you guys and hope we will meet again in semester 3 (exclude pre-diploma ahahaha) and got the best result for semester 2 without repeat (15/5/2015, our result day). 

p/s: The photos we shoot after last final exam paper on sunday, 12/4/2015 and the last one at Seri store, Dungun after done with Elc paper. And it was the first time we hangout with Ros Amira aka Park Shin Hye bak kata Anis. hihi. and that day, Mira treat us KFC. ahaha, gumawo Mira.

p/s: I love you my dear roomates, hope our friendship still till jannah.

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