Mar 31, 2016

Skincare Routine; NANO WHITE FRESH

Assalamualaikum and Hi ! Its has been many months I didn't update any story in this blog.  So today, While I search past semester question at the EQPS, why not I search on to post some entry >,< yeahh, I'm in week final examination and my first paper on 2 Apr. but I still stick at home and went Uitm tomorrow evening.

Do you have suffered oily skin and acne ? I guarantee that 9/10 girls are having this problem, kan? same goes to me. It was a disaster to girl. I mean it !

Before this I use local product, It well on me for a years but now it getting worst. I skin going dry and I got more scar after I use it. my mum recognize it first because before I use it my face is clean with scar or pimple but I have burn skin -_-. so people, be careful when you search on a product. Find a product give good benefits to your skin. please ehhh. nanti putih je but ada pimple and scar banyak-banyak. so that cari product that suggested by dermatologist.  I told you that local product is imported and re-brand from Thailand serious talk even vitamin injection pun.

So, I decide to change my skincare. I don't care either it whitening/brightening or not. at least it will cure my scar and acne :'( Then, after I notice that my skin was dry and worst, I ajak my cousin pergi Watson. yes, I thinking whole week to change my skincare product and I do a good thing. Tak menyesal pun.

So, I confuse between Nano White Fresh or Clinelle product since both are good. After 5 mins thinking, yeahh Nano White Fresh is my choice even my deep heart really want that Clinelle. It's okay I will buy it next week even in the box had a small items for RM29+.

Its already 4 days using this product ! What can I said is, its reallly good especially for oily skin. yes, i am suffering oily skin. Bila bangun pagi muka macam kena simbah minyak. Ingatkan glowing padahaallll -_- Yang bagus product ni ada tea tree oil. sangat bagus untuk anyone who suffered oily skin. I bought Cleanser, Scrub and Hydrating Mist. Semua bau tea of course. lepas guna for sure jadi fresh and yang paling best guna cleanser sebab muka nanti rasa sejuk sejuk. Sekarang dah 5 jam I guna cleanser still rasa sejuk-sejuk. wahahahaha.

Actually, I tertukar Scrub dengan Moisturizer sebab nak cepat haritu but then it's okay. I pun guna jugak tapi so far okay sangat. Beads dia tak besar and tak rasa kasar pun bila pakai. Its good for blackhead and whitehead bila korang apply kat hidung bawah dagu and pipi sikit. Tapi scrub boleh guna 2 kali seminggu tak boleh lebih even natural scrub tu pun at least 3 times a week.

Lepas pakai cleanser, baru spray hydrating Mist. anytime bila kau rasa muka kusam or tak bermaya sembur sembur je. fresh gitu. Pimples dah kurang, yang halus halus dah tak ada yang ada black spot je. So I suggest buy a Dark spot corrector from same product. Haritu takde, so I need to wait next week nak tengok ada ke tidak. 

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