Aug 4, 2016


Assalamualaikum and Hai everybody.

I already tell my readers and viewers about skinny and legs teatox by myna and the entry was get the highest view so far. In addition, there have a few comments and there's one question attracted me to do Q&A entry. Anything curious, you can comment down below and I will re-update the question and answer in this entry for others reference. so, let's go start it.

oh yeah, as I mention before.. this is not a paid review. I'm the one who use this tea. Highly recommended and I already use four packets so far.

Question:  How to use the teas? Should I use both in same day?

My answer is, you put on warm water for 3 minutes and you can enjoy your skinny or legs tea. You can't drink the teas on same day. You should drink, today is skinny teatox and tomorrow with legs teatox.

Question: How long the result?

Me, after one week I got the result. My weight are not decrease but my mum recognized my body became smaller since one week I not go back home and after one week, I ask her "Do I look skinny, mama?" she didn't answered it hahahahaha but then, I told her, I drink the teatox and she ask me to recommend to my sister. That's mean its work la.. ouh yea, it's depends on your body to get the result. there have testimonial after 3 weeks they get the improvement. don't give up okay?

Question: Do I need some exercise?

You can choose either you want do some exercise or just drink it without do any exercise. but for me, exercise is not just jogging, poco-poco or zumba.. when you walking, clean up your house and do a daily routine also called as exercise because it's make you sweat and there also can help burn out calories even when you sleep, you can burn it up.

seriously, I do not do any heavy exercise but then, I just walk. Itu pun jalan pergi kelas and naik tangga bilik kuliah and kolej. hahahaha.

Question:  Can I eat rice?

Sure you can but please control your rice portion. add more dishes, eat vegetables and fruit.

Question: Cirit-birit ?

NO. You just go to toilet for a few times sebab nak kencing je. Cirit birit tak ada okay.. jangan risau.

Okay, that's all for now. Addition information, make sure drink 8 glasses or 1.5 litre plain water for super awesome result. with drink plain water or warm water can help you get fast result actually. try for one week consuming warm water after take a breakfast, lunch, dinner/supper.

If anything curious, comment down below. I will re-update. thank you


  1. salam...
    hii..wah this sound good..
    both tu cukupkan 1buln pggunaan ke sis? total berapa rm? ^_^

    1. wsalam, iyup ! both teas memang terbaik. ha'ah, 1 bulan guna dua-dua. RM38 exclude postage :D


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