Oct 25, 2016

October haul


This is my first time sharing with you guys, my haul which is the items that i bought for this months. Yeah, my previous I'm really with my study so this month I am very very free to updating my blog.

So here, I'm gonna share with you my October haulllllll.

let's talk about boyfriend shirt. I got 3 shirt for RM60 only. OMG ? Likely seriously? Yeah pretty. hahahahaha. I'm struggled a lot for searching the bf shirt. I'm really hard fans of this shirt. Seriously. You can got this shirt at zr.shop instagram. 

didn't you see legstea by myna? that brown box with green colour on it surface. too excited to tell you that, i'm going to start drink it again after a few months i stop drink it. Why i stopped? Is it not give good result? No pretty. It was really awesome and most powerful tea ever. I stop drink it just because it make me sweat more than usual and its really not good when you going to somewhere and going to class. hahaha, habis baju lencun nanti. Its was the only tea that I can drink. I tried detox & slimming tea a few days ago seriously, I can't go with it taste. And by myna even the taste of lemongrass too strong, I feel its more better and good. So, I will always goes to legs tea of by myna. Soon, I will update why I prefer legstea than skinny teatox. If you want know how my review about the skinny & legstea, you can check my previous post

my new skincare. yes, I currently choose Cetaphil as my skincare now. Ouh why I stopped using Tati Skincare? Tati really good to me, it fade of my acne but not my scar and it make skin feel "pedih" at my cheek and around my nose. My cheek become red and around my nose become itchy, red and turn like dark. So, before it getting worse, i decide to change my skincare. 

Using Cetaphil is the best choice. Day and night I just using same thing the moisturizer and the cleanser. Alhamdulillah, its not just help fade of the redness, my scar slowly gone. If I get a pimple, it will gone for 3 days and not leave black scar. Alhamdulillah. Cetaphil have a good and positive feedback. Even on youtube, I search the feedback hahahahaha. You can get it from Watson, Guardian and Pharmacy nearby

The Biore Sunscreen, spf 50+ Aqua Rich with watery essence. Arghhh, the best sunscreen ever !!! Its feel cold and fresh when I'm use it. Not oily at all and reduce my sunburn. Really helpful because, my skin too sensitive. If I'm too much under the sun, i'm easy to get sunburn. So, use this to protect your skin. You can get this at Watson or Guardian.

Last but not least, serum. I start using since 3 days ago. I bought it from my friend nurAieynShah (wechat id) and this serum was called Fiena Gold Serum. For feedback, go and search the instagram @fienabeautyline. I can't guarantee if it okay not since today is my 4 days wearing this serum but my friend already wore it and it really works on her. soon, I will give my review about this product. Just wait for two weeks okay, hahahaha. too long I guest.

So, that's all about my october haul. And I will list where I got the items;

Bf Shirt: zr.shop (Instagram)

Legstea: Teasgarden_ (Instagram) 

Serum: nurAieynShah (Wechat)

Cetaphil Cleanser/Moisturizer & Biore Sunscreen; Watson.

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