Nov 18, 2016

Have Some Blog Introductions


Hello what's up everybody. Welcome to my new simple-look blog theme. Its about three days to finish up these theme because of the errors causes by the coding itself. So, alhamdulillah this is my new design and exactly not copy from others company (?) hahahahha, blog at all. Kau ingat senang nak cari idea even benda ni nampak simple. And yes ! black & white are most perfect theme ever. Everyone are use this colours as their blog theme because it easy mix and match with other colours. plus, these two colours was my favorite color. seriously, even my cloths from these two color and the major is black. muahahahahahahhaha !!

Not just the theme changed, my blog's name also. Yeahhhh, I changed it to Bloglr similar to Tumblr. hahahahaha. It's not mean nothing actually. I just play around with that name because Tumblr and Blog are not to different actually. So, I think why not Blog turns to Bloglr. I know its weird and I should not do that but I think its pretty awesome too. hahahahaha 😛

Others, my font. I will list what kind of font I use in my blog. Okay, my font I got from google font. Just search google font then you can choose 890 types of font. And you can search on tutorial how to use google font and make it available in your blog. The font that I use is, Raleway for my entry and Libre Baskerville for post title and sidebar title.

There is additional gadget down there and its shown all my Instagram's photo. I get it from and you can choose Grid Instagram Scrolling if I not mistaken, then adjust 1000 to 1200. Just paste code on html/java script.

Last but not least, new header. Randomly create that thing and it really simple but I like it so much. Well, must proud lah because can come out own header with love gituu. hahahahaha. Ouh ya, my navigation bar, I use tutorial from Eeca Shyaa.

Thank you for reading 💋

p/s: I also got minimal photo (at the sidebar, editor form) from google. I don't know who own that but surely, I google it.

p/s: Wuuu boleh update emoticon pulak kat sini. Ketinggalan betul aku hahahahahhaha


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