Apr 7, 2017

How to Use Google Font?


Hai guys. Today my tutorial will head to how to use google font. This is basic learning to new blogger who just sign up the blogger.com. It will help you customize new font and you can find your favorite one. so here, step by step tutorial. Hope you will like it !!

Reminders: If you feel annoyed with this, click the 'x' on the tab and please search on something that you might like. Thank you.

First, let's go to https://fonts.google.com/  and search the font that you assume  it will suitable on your blog.

To use it, click "+" like the photo below.

And after you click it, down there you going to see 1 family selected. Click on it too. 

You can customize it with the type of font that you choose either light, bold or italic. 

For the first circle if you can see, put the long code above <head>. But you need to put /> after style sheet.  It will going to be <link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Macondo" rel="stylesheet"/>

For the second circle, you can put below sidebar code, content code, and anywhere that you want. If you want to use the type that you click on the "customize". Please, add the number that you want to use then normal/bold, font size and the font that you want to use. 


If you tick 200/300/400, let say you want to use 200.. your code will be

font: 200 normal 13px Macondo;

preview and save. 

That's all from me and if you want more tutorial, please state at the comment down below.