Jun 14, 2017

Because of Maybelline Fit Me Foundation


image: credit to google since I'm to lazy to take a picture :P
Okay, last two days ago I saw a tweet about the Fit me foundation just arrived at Malaysia.  So, I decided to buy this one and so frustrated sebab tak ada siapa nak teman aku pergi watson since masing-masing letih puasa. Aku pun, malas nak drive sebab tu aku ajak kakak pergi. But she refuse.
So today, this evening I ask my cousin to go there since my brother ask me to bank in some money. And yes, she agreed ! Alhamdulillah. 

Lepas settle urusan yang berkaitan dengan adik aku, jadi aku pun pergilah ke Watson dengan niat, I WANT THAT FIT ME FOUNDATION !! So, let's hunter the treasure but when we arrived, renovation was on going. I feel so frustrated. I'm break down, man. Shall we go home? But my cousin said, lets go somewhere first and coming back later on so.. let's go !

After 2 times we walk at the same place, cross the about 3-4 times.. finally, we entered the Watson again for second time. That time, they still unfinished arrange the item so I'm give up. Buttttttt, aku beranikan diri untuk tanya pekerja yang susun barang tu. 

"Item dekat atas ni boleh grab sekarang tak?" bodohnya soalan. HAHAHA.. tapi serius aku takut nak ambik takut diorang belum settle to price tagging. Gila kan ambik tak pepasal kena maki free. So, let's asking first better than got a maki di bulan puasa agar tiada selipar terbang. eh. even its sound stupid. 

Finally, I grab one from 5 shades (if I'm not mistaken). I choose Natural Buff shade in code 230. Finally.. one hour waiting it become reality. Ouh, who are wondering why I'm so obsess with this foundation because, I saw many vlogger from oversea (since that time its not available at Malaysia yet) used it and all of them give positive feedback after use it. Even when they do a tutorial for beginner, they use this foundation and its was really highly recommend. 

The price for 30ml was RM44.91 and I think it was affordable from other local brand. Yang paling mahal dekat drugstore is 60+ I think. It was Revlon.

Soon, I'm going to update my review about this foundation. I'm going to tell you is it excellent, best, yeay or neh. So that's all from me bye bye.

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